Miss Representation

Miss Representation


Just watched this uh-mazing documentary last night called Miss Representation, which I hope you will enjoy too. If you have 1 and a half hours to spare, do watch the whole thing, otherwise there’s an extended trailer up on Youtube too (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5pM1fW6hNs). It sounds like a lot, but seriously, you probably spend that much time on Youtube anyway. If not Youtube, then you probably spend it taking pictures of yourself in the bathroom, editing them and then putting them up on Facebook. It’s a bit of a serious topic, but it’s definitely extremely important for the teenagers of today, both boys and girls. (Don’t let the trailer creep you out, I know it did to me, but it’s actually worth watching)

I sincerely hope you take the time out to watch it, it will definitely benefit you more than that much time anywhere else on the Internet (unless you’re a good child and study using the Internet or whatever). Anyway, I think it’s time for some #realtalk down in the comments. Go watch it and then tell me how you found it. The link is up there at the top of the post!

Zank yoooou!


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