What is life without music?

What is life without music?


Have you ever heard a song that makes you feel?

No, that sentence was not incomplete. I don’t mean feel upset or joyful or powerful or any of that. I mean feel.

I can’t explain it, but it’s some kind of odd mix of every single emotion ever possible and some songs just trigger it. Those are the best kinds of songs.

Putting up the link for one such song took some thinking about, because it’s such a gem of a song that I had a bit of a Gollum moment and wanted to keep it all to myself (and the other one million people who have heard it). But it’s my gift to you for reading my blog.

So, if you haven’t felt yet, click on the title above to listen to that song and thank me later.


5 thoughts on “What is life without music?

  1. This song made me feel! xD No, seriously. Where do you find songs like these? I could imagine riding in a car, driving around the city lights and waving my hands in the air. And another imagination I had while listening to this song was running in the corn field with a kite.
    – Mary

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    • Haha great! 😀 Yeah, exactly, it just lifts your spirits completely. I heard this song from Tyler Oakley’s ‘How to: Take Over England’ video on YouTube, but usually a lot of artsy independent films have amazing soundtracks with that kind of music. You should hear the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack! Also, YouTube sidebar links will give you loads of similar song suggestions. Happy listening!


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