Awe-struck by Acapella

Awe-struck by Acapella


As a music buff, anything and everything harmonious appeals to me. Whether it be soul, pop, rock, hip hop or even metal (yes, I just used metal and harmonious in the same sentence) – I’m all over it.

So I was just casually on YouTube (as I do) and I came across this acapella group called Pentatonix. Now, I had heard of them plenty, but I actually got myself to watch one of their videos and oh my.

Next thing I knew, it was two hours later and I still had all their ‘The Sing-Off’ videos to go through!

I must say, I’m in love with Pentatonix.

Above, there’s a link to one of their mind-blowingly amazing original medleys called ‘Evolution of Music‘; definitely worth a watch to see how many of the songs you can identify! So…

Take a break.

Shut your ey –  actually I recommend keeping your eyes open for this one, they are as gorgeous as they are talented and you probably won’t believe your eyes anyway when you hear Avi and Kevin do their thang.

And just feel.


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