Review: The Black Ghosts


The Black Ghosts

I have a confession to make: I first discovered the Black Ghosts from Twilight. Specifically, while going through the soundtrack. Hey, don’t judge me, okay? Sometimes, inexplicably, some of the worst movies or shows have the best music (Case in point: Gossip Girl).
Despite the rather dubious origins of the source, I liked the song immediately. My bias against the film overshadowed my preference for the song for a while, until I decided that the filmmakers had only selected it because of its name (‘“Full Moon”. Geddit, guys? Ha. Ha. Ha. We’re so clever!’)
Petulance aside, the band’s music is described on Wikipedia as “electronic”, which is the basest lie that I’ve ever encountered on the website. The sound is decidedly indie folk, although it varies from song to song: “It’s Your Touch” contains Caribbean tribal overtones, whereas “Full Moon” exhibits a Native American touch. The band members have themselves…

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