Artist to watch: The 1975

So this band, The 1975, is getting more and more well-known each day! But once you hear their music, it’s easy to understand why. Their sound is very diverse: at times they remind me of The Weeknd, at other times, Bastille. But there’s always something underlying that sets them apart and makes them unique. Have a listen for yourself. It’s such a vast spectrum of sound that something will surely appeal to you.   Have a listen and see what all the fuss is about: Songs I loved:

The 1975

This self-titled track gives you insight into what is to come. Short and stunning.


This is the perfect song to just think. To feel. Everything. The song was written about relatives suffering or passed from cancer. It says so much without saying a thing.

Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You

Written to the singer’s younger brother highlighting the after effects of divorce and dealing with the struggle of leaving home. A must-hear.


Does anyone else get a bit of The Weeknd feel? A hauntingly personal track.


Oh so beautiful.

So Far (It’s Alright)

Moving more towards the upbeat end of the spectrum.


Possibly their most famous song. I promise you’ll be singing along in gibberish soon! Try and decipher the lyrics. Go on. I dare you. Their official website:


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