Music and Movies to Inspire

Hiya! For the past week or so I’ve been pretty much obsessed with this new movie, Boyhood. It started off in 2002 when the director (the talented, genius of a director) cast a young boy in the film. Then he filmed the same boy over twelve years to make this masterpiece of a movie. I can’t […]

Soundtracking your day: #OneSongAWeek

HIYAAAAA Found this incredibly talented gentleman’s album, ‘Best of’ #onesongaweek.  In 2012, British artist, Frank Hamilton, took a challenge upon himself to write and record and master a new song every week for the entire year. That is some task. My favourites from the album: Things I Do This was the first song I heard from the […]

Artist to watch: Little Whales

Heard the gorgeous guitar strummings of Little Whales and fell in love! Have a listen and see what all the fuss is about: Songs I loved: When I Was A Child, I’d Use My Dad’s Jacket As A Blanket (The Jacket Won’t Even Fit Me Now) What a mouthful! This song is flawless. If only […]