The Third Pew


So this isn’t exactly a music-related post (or is it?) but I stumbled upon this super amazing Youtube channel called The Third Pew!

No, not Pewdiepie. 

THE THIRD PEW as in the onomatopoeic reference to the sound of a particular type of gun firing three shots in succession to one another

as in this (at 0:56).

Now this post comes at 2.30 am when I should instead be sleeping to prepare myself for a wildly important test but hey, why sleep when there’s sarcasm and wit just a click away at

So I spend countless hours (ok three) watching a fellow teen talk about procrastination. Oh the irony

Anyway, so go head over to The Third Pew on Youtube because his channel is *ahem*

bringing out penny to make a point

Go watch a video (or ten) so you can get in on the awesome that is the other pew!


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