Soundtracking your day: #OneSongAWeek


Found this incredibly talented gentleman’s album, ‘Best of’ #onesongaweek. 

In 2012, British artist, Frank Hamilton, took a challenge upon himself to write and record and master a new song every week for the entire year.

That is some task.

My favourites from the album:

Things I Do

This was the first song I heard from the album and forced me to go and hunt down any more I could find!

Songs About A Weekend

This is England


Know Who We Are

Flaws and Ceilings

Definitely my favourite off the album.


To listen to all 52 songs and see how he got on over the year click on the dancing Emma Stone:

this is so me right now – waaay too much exercise

His official website


thanks for being a cuddlemuffin

lots of love

you’re amazing! xx

you know it!


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