Heyyyy! As a loving devotee of fine music, I felt like I should share the experience of listening to music with you – the way it feels.

Music isn’t just about the sounds, it’s about the thoughts, the emotions, the atmosphere and so much more! I call this experience ‘feeling’.  

Hopefully through my posts you will be able to feel when you hear music and discover some new sounds you didn’t even know you enjoyed.

Confessions of a Randomer is peek into my mind: a view on life and art and love through the notes of a melody and the words of a music-lover.

I hope to hear about your experiences in the comments of my posts!

Feel free to email me at confessionsofarandomer@gmail.com.

Oh! And one last thing before you set off to explore the sounds of the world –

You ought to

Take a break from whatever you’re doing.

Shut your eyes.

And just let yourself feel.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. OMG, Sharvs! You have a WordPress blog?! This is so cool! I love reading people’s blogs, and yours is even better because I have WordPress too, so I can follow you! 🙂 I’ll definitely have to listen to your suggestions! Xxx


  2. Hey sharvari…came accross your blog today…and i appreciate all the beautiful music you are sharing with the world…love it.. keep it up 😀


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