The Ultimate Guide to Applying to Medical School in the UK

I’ve created some videos to help anyone who needs it get a better understanding of the process of applying for Medicine in the UK. From my experience, it was a really long process that needed a lot of research and preparation, so I thought it might be helpful to have a good chunk of it all […]

A unique feel x don’t waste thread x questions with no answer

There’s something unique about the way I’m feeling now. It’s a strange feeling, realising that your life is on its way to changing, and that you decide how it does. That what you do now dictates how what is to come hits you. That how you deal with it depends on you in the moment. […]


THIS IS EVERYTHING! A group of guys my age made this insaaaane website called Soupstick and you need to check it out. It’s definitely going to be epic. They do personalisation, so the website uses questions you answer to recommend you TV shows, movies, events, friends and, wait for it… MUSIC. Sign up and see you there! […]